1. Definitions
    A “Surfer” (collectively referred to as “Surfers”) is any individual, acting as a person or on behalf of an entity, who visits any of the content hosted within the htd.cloud website.
    A “Customer” (collectively referred to as “Customers”) is any Surfer, who purchases tangible or digital goods and/or services sold directly by Instoll, LLC through the htd.cloud website.  A Surfer purchasing other goods and/or services (e.g. through an advertisement, referral or affiliate program) which are not directly sold by Instoll, LLC (i.e. the revenue is collected through another entity’s shopping cart and gets deposited to that entity’s bank account) shall not be considered a Customer as defined within this Disclaimer.
    An “Author” (collectively referred to as “Authors”) is any individual, acting as a person or on behalf of an entity, who is allowed to publish content directly on the htd.cloud website (e.g. a page or a post, which may contain any form of digital media).
  2. Owned and Operated
    The htd.cloud website is owned and operated by Instoll, LLC. The views or opinions expressed by any Author or Surfer on this site belong to that individual and are in no way shared by or related to Instoll, LLC.
  3. Non-Professional Entertainment Purposes Only
    All content on this website, including any links or references to external materials, is personal opinion expressed by the respective Author or Surfer for entertainment purposes only. 
  4. Non-Suitability & No Warranty
    The content on this website is completely personal and completely based on opinion. As such, regardless of any research, findings, references or other material used to convey opinions via this website, NONE of the content, statements, research, findings, summaries, conclusions, recommendations, etc, made within this website shall be construed as a statement of suitability for any particular purpose or as any form of warranty, expressed or implied.
  5. Indemnification
    Surfers and Customers agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Instoll, LLC and its Authors from any tort or claim related to the content provided on the htd.cloud website.
  6. Limit of Liability
    Customers and Surfers agree, should any liability be legally determined due by Instoll, LLC or one of the Authors to a Customer or Surfer, the maximum extent of such liability shall be the purchase price of any goods and/or services as defined above (ref “Customer”). Customers and Surfers further agree that this purchase price, if legally determined due, shall be their sole remedy for any tort or claim made against Instoll, LLC or its Authors.
  7. Construction
    If any portion of this Disclaimer is found to be unenforceable, the remaining, enforceable provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
  8. Interpretation
    This Disclaimer was written to protect Instoll, LLC as well as its Authors. All interpretation of the provisions outlined herein shall enure, to the maximum legal extent possible, to the benefit of Instoll, LLC and its Authors.
  9. Laws of Virginia
    The terms of this Disclaimer are to be governed under the laws of the State of Virginia
  10. Usage Constitutes Agreement
    Making use of the htd.cloud website by browsing and/or reading, listening or otherwise experiencing the content of this website constitutes the respective Surfer’s full understanding of and total agreement with the terms of this Disclaimer.
  11. Entire Agreement
    This Disclaimer, in combination with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy constitutes the entire agreement between Surfers and Instoll LLC.  For Customers, additional terms may apply based on the purchases made
  12. Contact Information
    Instoll, LLC can be reached via email at support@instoll.net.