1. Definitions
    A “Surfer” (collectively referred to as “Surfers”) is any individual, acting as a person or on behalf of an entity, who visits any of the content hosted within the htd.cloud website.
    A “Customer” (collectively referred to as “Customers”) is any Surfer, who purchases tangible or digital goods and/or services sold directly by Instoll, LLC through the htd.cloud website.  A Surfer purchasing other goods and/or services (e.g. through an advertisement, referral or affiliate program) which are not directly sold by Instoll, LLC (i.e. the revenue is collected through another entity’s shopping cart and gets deposited to that entity’s bank account) shall not be considered a Customer as defined within this Disclaimer.
    An “Author” (collectively referred to as “Authors”) is any individual, acting as a person or on behalf of an entity, who is allowed to publish content directly on the htd.cloud website (e.g. a page or a post, which may contain any form of digital media).
  2. Owned and Operated
    The htd.cloud website is owned and operated by Instoll, LLC. The views or opinions expressed by any Author or Surfer on this site belong to that individual and are in no way shared by or related to Instoll, LLC.
  3. Copyright
    All the content on htd.cloud that is produced by an Author becomes the property of Instoll, LLC and is protected by copyright as of the date the content was published.
    In some cases, htd.cloud might publish content that originated at an earlier date.  Where applicable, the earliest date of publication shall serve as the date of original copyright and subsequent publication of such content or any derivative works shall be considered additional editions with their publication date serving as the date of copyright.
    Unless otherwise specified, Instoll, LLC reserves all rights to its content and no content may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of Instoll, LLC.
    All content produced by any Surfer (“Surfer-Produced Content”) who is not clearly designated as an Author, is owned by the respective Surfer; however, by posting the content on htd.cloud, the respective Surfer grants Instoll, LLC a world-wide, perpetual license to render their Surfer-Produced Content in original and/or derivative works without any remuneration due the Surfer. The Surfer’s username and, where applicable, a link to their profile will accompany any such rendering of Surfer-Produced Content.
    All content produced by either Authors or Surfers on htd.cloud shall be original work, or shall be properly referenced, cited and/or licensed per the original copyright-holder’s requirements.
    Authors and Surfers, by virtue of posting any content to htd.cloud, certify that the content is theirs to post and further certify they have observed any applicable copyright terms, should they exist.
  4. Conduct
    Surfers and Authors alike, agree to conduct themselves professionally and to share their opinions with an appropriate amount of tact and self-discipline. Examples of inappropriate conduct include but are not limited to name-calling, discrimination, slander, trolling and spamming.
    In addition, although there is no specific censorship applied to the htd.cloud website, Surfers and Authors agree not to direct harsh, adult or vulgar content at another Surfer/Author for the purpose of attack, retaliation, intimidation or other malicious intent.
    Instoll LLC, in its sole discretion, reserves the right at any time and without justification to censor content, disable accounts and ban either Surfers or Authors for an indefinite time and/or permanently.
    Surfers and Authors agree to use the htd.cloud website via a standard web browser, and to not engage in any conduct aimed at extracting content from the site, infringing on Surfer/Author privacy, monitoring network traffic or automating the user interfaces (through code, bots, AI or otherwise).
  5. Usage Constitutes Agreement
    Making use of the htd.cloud website by browsing and/or reading, listening or otherwise experiencing the content of this website constitutes the respective Surfer’s full understanding of and total agreement with these Terms of Use.
  6. Entire Agreement
    These Terms of Use, in combination with the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy constitutes the entire agreement between Surfers and Instoll LLC.  For Customers, additional terms may apply based on the purchases made.